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security for israel get more difficult with new technologies. and the logistics are creating a continuous and functioning palestinian state become more difficult with settlements. so both sides have to begin to think about their long term streeng interests, instead of worrying about can i gain a short term tactical advantage here or there? and say to themselves, what is the big picture and how do we get this done? that's ultimately what i believe both people want. i think it was very interesting that my speech in jerusalem, some of the strongest applause came when i addressed the israeli people and i said, you have to think about these palestinian children like your own children. it tapped into something that they understood inherently. that gives me hope. that shows possibility there but it's hard. what i also said was that ultimately, people have to help provide the structures for leaders to take some very difficult risks. that's why i wanted to speak directly to the israeli people and to the palestinian people, so that they help empower their leadership to make some very difficult deci
and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. >>> the "news nation" is following the republican party's brand new game plan. the party chairman reince priebus unveiling a 100-page taups that breaks down the failures of the 2012 election and the report is a harsh assessment of the challenges facing the gop. >> there's no one reason we lost. our message was weak. our ground game was insufficient. we weren't inclusive. we were behind in both data and digital. and our primary and debate process needed improvement. so there's no one solution. there is a long list of them. >> priebus says the republican national committee should do a few things immediately about some of the problems spelled out in the report, starting with a $10 million outreach program targeting african-american latino and younger voters, a rt shoer primary
than ever before. we are providing more security assistance and advanced technology to israel than ever before. that includes more support for the missile defenses, like iron dome which i saw today and which saved so many israeli lives. in short, and i don't think this is just my opinion, i think this would be shared, america's support for israel security is unprecedented and alliance between our nations has never been stronger. that the sturdy foundation we built on today as we addressed a range of shared challenges. as part of our long-term commitment to israel security. the prime minister and i agree to start extending military assistance to israel. our current agreement lasts through 2017 and we directed our teams to start working on extending it for the years beyond. i'm also pleased to announce we will take steps to insure that there's no interruption of funding for iron dome. as a result of decisions that i made last year, israel will receive approximately $200 million this fiscal year and we will continue to work with congress on future funding of iron dome. these are further re
and the joint development of technology to defend civilian populations against missiles and terrorism. the iron dome system is a prominent example of this cooperation, saving lives of many and ensuring the safety of citizens all over israel. for these reasons, shimon peres, president of the state of israel, will confer upon barack obama, president of the united states of america, the highest civilian award of the state of israel, the presidential medal of distinction. ladies and gentlemen, please raise a glass with the presidents. lachaim. >> to the president of the united states -- >> thank you, president peres. you may now go back to your seat. >> there you have it. the israeli president shimon peres, presenting the medal of distinction to president obama, and during his presentation, president peres, of course he mentioned the iranian threat and he said of president obama, you sxem reply identify the spirit of democracy. you have shown global responsibility and individual sensitivity as well. this is the highest civilian award in israel. president obama is saying a few words here. let's list
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)